“The prerequisite for business success is to be able to do something that others cannot!”

— Edmund Pietrowski, Founder

IBEG History


Engineer Edmund Pietrowski founded IBEG GmbH in Düsseldorf. He was already a well-known designer who had carried out groundbreaking developments, especially in the field of tank cars. Initially, IBEG was a pure engineering office.


At IBEG, special railway freight cars are developed, which are built in Finland and intended for tough operations in Russia.


A separate production facility in Marl is planned.


IBEG starts production.


Various fittings for tank cars are manufactured.


Transport protection devices for freight cars are manufactured for almost all of Europe.


Moving step treads (entry systems) are completely newly developed at IBEG.


The production of entry systems begins. The first electromechanical three-stage entry systems are manufactured and over 1,000 units of these systems are delivered in the following years.


IBEG's success in developing entry systems is on everyone's lips. IBEG becomes a problem solver and develops further step tread systems.


Other systems for trams are now also developed and manufactured at IBEG. Heating and ventilation systems, exterior mirrors, battery rails, and much more follow in the next few years.


Peter Pietrowski joins the family business.


The first electromechanical four-stage entry system is developed at IBEG. Production begins in 1981.


IBEG develops a pneumatic four-stage entry system. Over the following years, more than 3,000 of these systems are manufactured.


The first step tread systems for North America are manufactured.


A new sand spreading system is developed together with the transport companies in Duisburg.


IBEG manufactures and supplies the first sand spreading systems based on the sand stair principle. Around 20,000 of these systems are used worldwide in the following 20 years.


IBEG develops and manufactures the first two bogie measuring stands for the transport companies in Hong Kong and Melbourne.


A completely new type of electromechanical four-stage step tread system is developed for the transport companies in Essen.


IBEG develops and manufactures high-security tank cars for the transport of particularly dangerous goods.


IBEG begins developing wheelchair lifts for buses. The first systems are used by the Berlin transport companies.


The development of wheelchair ramps begins.


With the introduction of low-floor trams, completely new systems are being developed.


The vehicle manufacturers make a big mistake with the self-development of sand spreading systems for low-floor trams. It is only much later that they turn to IBEG with this problem. It is only in 1994, after a great deal of development effort, that IBEG succeeds in offering a safe system.


IBEG develops and manufactures the first sliding steps for low-floor trams.


The first underfloor measuring system with integrated wheel profile measurement is developed and built for the transport companies in Essen.


IBEG establishes a branch in the USA. The headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. Sand spreading systems for vehicles in Portland and Los Angeles are supplied from here.


So-called air release systems are developed and offered for sand spreading systems. This significantly improves functional and operational safety.


A hand measuring device for measuring wheel profiles is being developed and manufactured for the Berlin transport company.


IBEG USA relocates to Cleveland, Ohio.


Up to 2,000 sanding systems are manufactured per year.


IBEG USA receives orders for sanding systems in Calgary, Portland, and Denver in the following years. The systems are mostly manufactured in Akron. Tom Kish takes over management in 2001.


IBEG develops a mobile sand filling system.


A new step system for vehicles in Cologne is developed.


Development for a completely new sanding system begins.


The first sanding systems with a so-called JetStream system are delivered.


The successor to JetStream, SandStream, is introduced. Another improvement is developed in parallel. The V-Stream is introduced at the end of 2003, marking a completely new era. IBEG develops its own small compressor for operating sanding systems. An emptying system for sanding systems is developed for maintenance purposes.


IBEG small compressors are introduced, and almost 1,000 units are delivered by the end of 2004.


IBEG develops a self-cleaning outlet nozzle. The compressor range is expanded. IBEG develops video monitoring systems.


The rapidly growing North American market is addressed. The US headquarters, IBEG Inc., is established in Atlanta, Georgia. Kurt Boehni takes over management.


IBEG Systems GmbH moves into a newly constructed business building, where the idea of a small, innovative competence team can be realized.


The IBEG Group separates from its production company, IBEG Maschinen und Gerätebau GmbH. The engineering company is renamed IMUG GmbH.


A new flat hand folding ramp made of new materials is introduced.


Dual Sand Stream: can be controlled with high or low sand quantities. A new generation of filling flap systems and a ramp module as a compact drive unit for automatic disability ramps and sliding steps are introduced.


R2 - the second generation of particularly flat ramps are introduced. SF2 - a revised version of the mobile sand filling system is introduced in Switzerland. Q-comp LC, S, and HE - the IBEG small compressors are revised, are now even more powerful and smaller. IBEG Schweiz GmbH is founded in Thun, Switzerland. Marco Kellenberger, who has been trading IBEG products in Switzerland for 10 years, is the managing director.


A revolutionary development in the field of sanding systems. The new product line is called SandMaid.


IBEG must adapt to international market requirements. The motto is "back to the roots". The goal is to deliver the highest quality from the German location. Unfortunately, the Swiss location is abandoned in this measure.


As part of a new corporate strategy, the IBEG website is completely redesigned.


The North American market and the constantly changing exchange rates make a change in the previous organization necessary. The Atlanta location will be abandoned in favor of a new location in the northeast of the USA. A "sales and service center" will be established.


"Back to the roots" is the slogan of 2011. IBEG Marl increases its in-house production. A computer-controlled manufacturing center for Q-Comp production is commissioned and is to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2012.


The IBEG organization on the North American market is restructured. IBEG Inc. in Atlanta is closed. Kurt Boehni, who worked for IBEG for 4 years (2006-2011) and was responsible for the entire accounting in the USA, resigns. We thank Mr. Boehni for his cooperation. Instead, the "IBEG Sales and Service Center" is founded in Akron, Ohio. Tom Kish, who has been working for IBEG since 1998, takes over the organizational management and development.


The new IBEG sanding system is called 'Sand Cube'. It is a universal system that fits most vehicle types. The great advantage: it can be manufactured locally up to 60%. This means that many of our worldwide partners can now offer a system that is produced nationally.


A new sanding nozzle with the type designation SN (Sand Nozzle) is developed. This will replace the previous version as of early 2012. The new system is 100% compatible and benefits all customers in the spare parts area.


On November 27, 2011, our company founder, Edmund Pietrowski, passed away at the age of 89. We say goodbye with full admiration and respect to an impressive person and a brilliant engineer. He will be greatly missed!


The Sandmaid with a single container for installation inside and outside the vehicle is presented in April.


The IBEG Q-comp small compressors are supplemented by a more powerful variant, which will be delivered from December with the additional designation Icomp.


The plans for the IBEG online shop are completed and tests have been running since August. The online shop should be accessible via the IBEG website at the beginning of 2013.


At the world's largest rail vehicle trade fair, Innotrans in Berlin, IBEG presents the new developments of the year.


The funnel-shaped sand outlet nozzle developed by IBEG in 1995 has been redesigned. The new, fully compatible version now replaces the predecessor under the product name SN.


IBEG driver and passenger compartment heaters are now delivered in stainless steel enclosures.


A cost-effective version of the IBEG sanding system is introduced under the product name "Base".


IBEG delivered the first sanding systems for vehicles to Portland, Oregon almost 20 years ago. This was followed by a 20-year success story of IBEG sanding systems in North America. 20 years later, we deliver the new Base Sanding System for the PORTLAND vehicles. For us, a reason to celebrate and say 'thank you for the trust' to Portland. The new vehicles for Charlotte, North Carolina also receive the IBEG BASE system. At Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, we present a series production of our flow sensor for the first time. Even slight changes in the amount of sand are detected. This sensor is highly regarded and demonstrates our performance and innovation potential.


At the beginning of this year, we had to defend ourselves against takeover rumors that were circulating in the media. A large company is using the name IBEG. 'It makes us a little proud too!' The City of London relies on IBEG experience in refurbishment.


Almost 20 years ago, IBEG developed and manufactured the complete sanding system for the COMBINO. Now these systems can be converted into modern V-Stream with Q-Comp systems with just a few simple steps. The savings are considerable! The first Q-Comps are delivered to China. The 3rd generation of Q-Comp compressors (3G) is launched at Innotrans in Berlin. The 4th generation (4G) is already being presented.


The first Q-Comp 3Gs are delivered to China. IBEG now delivers key components for sanding systems. This enables customers to produce the complete system locally - this is the future for international markets!


Ready-to-install conversion kits are delivered to the transport companies Bern (CH) and Erfurt to modernize older sanding systems. A new sales branch on the US West Coast is established. Further Q-comps 3 GS are delivered to China. The Brookville Street Car Division orders complete IBEG sanding systems.